Spring 2013
Dear Future Jefferson Academy Trojan Family!
We are very excited to introduce you to Jefferson Academy and welcome you to our second school year!  As your child is currently enrolled at either Amidon, Brent or Thomson, you have the tremendous opportunity to send your child to one of the most outstanding new middle schools in the District!  Jefferson Academy is an academically rigorous, high-achieving school, founded on the beliefs and core values of the International Baccalaureate programme. Be proud!  Your child’s enrollment at Jefferson shows your commitment to your family’s success and understanding of the importance of an exemplary middle school experience.
Over this last year, our students have worked diligently to uphold the values of Jefferson Academy. Through their hard work, we have seen much academic success and seen an incredible shift in school culture. We are eager to have your family participate in our efforts next school year as we expand our school to almost 200 students, and begin the implementation of our International Baccalaureate model.  This is important work and as a result, your child will reap the full benefits of an outstanding educational program.